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Why, hello!

I see you've made it.  Please don't mind the mess, ducklings, and have a seat.  Tea?  Two sugars or one?

I hope you're in the mood for a discussion (a friendly one, mind) and aren't too bothered by straying off topic.  I have a tendency to tangent and reminisce about places I've never been.  And there's lots of tea if you'd like another cup.

So please, feel free to introduce yourselves; I'd love to get to know you.

W-what? A half year goes by without me??

Am I really this bad that in December I made a post about how for sure I was going to update more often and then I don't to anything until August?  (Well, grosse_averse , you're just as bad as me, so I guess that's okay.  [what's worse is that I couldn't remember your lj handle for the life of me, M, and I had to go through my bookmarks to find you D:])

So: my life in half a year.  Or, rather, half a year in one post.  Which makes more sense.

Have a list :DCollapse )Read more...Collapse )

Is it December already?

I am a terrible updater.  Seriously; I'm always on LJ but I never post anything.  Haha, I guess I'm just boring.

Job searching is not going as well as hoped, though I am waiting to hear on one position that seemed like I did pretty well in the interview: as an alterations seamstress.  Which means a lot of learning for me, since alterations is very different from making clothes, but I was told I did well at the interview, so we'll see.  That was Monday, and this is Wednesday, and I haven't heard, but I'm still hoping.

In any case, I've decided that I need to work on other things that I like doing and see if other people like them too!  So I'm opening my own Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/thimbley which is still under construction), which has been a lot of fun.  I'm getting into jewellery making, which is making me incredibly happy.  Check it out :D  A little image heavy, so under hereCollapse )

Dresses for Fall

RecentlyI was asked by my friend Lisa to make her a dress for a wedding she's going to on the weekend, and I've just finished it.  Oh, it's so lovely, that I can't just talk about it!  So have some pictures:

It's midnight blue, with a strapless, sweetheart neckline, 3/4 circle skirt and tulle underlining and just-below-the-knee length.  I would show you the back, but Lisa's so tiny that the dress form, even on her smallest setting, is too big! 

The backyard looks pretty out, but it's one of the last nice days we'll have here (with a current temp of 14 C) and it was super windy when I was taking these shots.  But at least they turned out!  I feel pretty accomplished today, making a (huge) pot of turkey soup from Thanksgiving and this dress as well.  :3


Writer's Block: Sultans of swing

Imagine your first chart-topping album has just been released. What sort of music is on it? What does the cover art look like?

Well, not to steal from the subject line, but it would probably be a jazz or swing album.  I've had some vocal training in the past (not much, though, mind you) and I have discovered that my voice is best suited to this genre.   I like to think that I can rock out "Mack the Knife" pretty well, thank you very much :3  But also, it's a type of music that I rarely get tired of listening to.  There has yet to be a genre that I will not listen to at least one song from.   At least, not yet.  I like some types of music better than others, but there isn't really any music that I dislike.  But jazz/swing is something I could devote a lot of my time to, if I were an artist.  The fact that Ella Fitzgerald is one of my music idols is kind of a boost in this arena.  I even named my dressform after her, haha.

As for the cover art, I'm not really sure.  Probably something soft, in green-y tones, with flowers or something, IDK.  I'm really bad with art and stuff like that.  It would more depend on what the specific songs were about: I would choose the cover after the recording, so that there is a connection between the specific songs.  

Do my ears deceive me?

Today I was in the bookstore before heading over to my Grandma's for lunch again, and I was browsing though the books (for the record, I only look through three types of books: history books, language books, and knitting books.  Yes, I know I am boring.  No, I don't really like fiction all that much.  Yes, I know that makes me really weird. D:)  And today, I was scanning through the admittedly disappointing selection of British history titles when I heard the most glorious voice come on over the radio.

It was Mark Salling's version of "Sweet Caroline".  That is, Puck from Glee.  I am in love with him, I won't deny it.  I am firmly of the opinion that he should have many more chances at singing solos and having character development on the show, even if he is kind of a douche.  He's rapidly gaining on Kurt as my favourite character.  So I heard that and nearly collapsed in glee (pun intended) in the history section of Indigo.  I am so excited for his solo album coming out in October~~

In other news, I was not impressed with Starbucks Tea Lattes after grosse_averse told me that they were the food of the gods and I needed them in my life (I'm paraphrasing).  I tried one while I knitted, and I may have left the tea bag in for too long, or not put enough sugar in (are you supposed to put sugar in lattes?  I have no idea.  I don't drink fancy froofy coffees all that often D:  Or coffee, for that matter.) but it was not worth the three and a half dollars I spent on it.  :/  Oh well.  At least my scarf is turning out nice?  Have a picture:

I think it gets bigger if you click on it.  But it looks nice in person, haha.  The yarn is an alpaca/wool/nylon blend and I am in love with it and the colours.  This it what that big hank I bought in Montreal looks like knitted up, grosse_averse  if you remember what it looked like before, haha.

This is a bit bitchy, so be forewarned.


I have an interview tomorrowwww.

I am both excited and panicking, because I know my anxiety disorder is going to kick in and things might be really awkward.  But I went with my mother to her work today (she works at an employment services centre) so I got my interview skills (which were terrible) all beefed up.  We will see if it makes a difference, I still stutter and trail off like a crazy person when trying to answer the questions.  T_T

Also my good computer died, so I am having to use my crap computer until I can get a new one.  It works okay, but the hinges are broken, so I have to lean it against a wall or my headboard or something to use it.  The hinges are breaking on my other one too, but the power button doesn't work on it like, at all.  It might turn on once in a blue moon, and it is not currently such.  D:<  Apparantly my stepdad just bought a Toshiba for about $500 that came with a netbook for free, so I'm going to find out where he got it and see if I can score myself one.  Otherwise, Future Shop has an HP for $400.  And HPs are pretty, so I'm interested in that.  No more Acers, ever again, since all they do is break >:/

She liiiiives.

First post, new journal.  What do I say?  Well, welcome, I guess, if you flew in from soofichan where I used to know you.  Nothing's really going to change, in terms of what the journal's for.  I'm still just as big of a dork as I was before.  So, no worries there.

And to be honest, those measley few lines are all I have to say at the moment.  Shocking, I know, I'm used to rambling and/or tangenting so much and now, nothing.  But, at any rate, nice to see you guys again, and I hope you'll stick around for the time coming!